My Logbook Logger 32

Logger32 is my main logbook program with infos,
DX Cluster, Award information, digitalbprograms and many other futures.

DX Atlas to overview of IOTA, Zones, Citis und Countries

DX Atlas is for the representation and discovery of the DXCC countries, cities, islands, zones,
Locator and calculate their distance from my QTH to the DX station

HAM CAP as range finders and
the MUF or IONO sample

Ham Cap is used to calculate the MUF, the sun, the K-value,
the Iono sample and to simulate the various times

N1MM my Contest Program

N1MM is my Contest Programm with which i log the contest station.
Then i send the results in Cabrillo format for analysis.

Echolink (used little)

Echolink is a program to run from QSO´s via the Internet and sound card.
Every continent and every country is manually selectable and are independent
of Propagation conditions. Echolink connections are not considered for awards.
QSL cards are sent in the rarest of cases for such compounds.

Ham Radio Deluxe

For my transceiver control via PC. Also for digital modes,
with DX clusters, maps and tape monitoring.

  Copyright by Fatsch  
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